Music Production Online

Are you a singer wanting to produce and realease covers or your own songs? As a producer I will make your music sound real, original, and with real love for sound quality.

I will produce your music ideas at my studio recording acoustic and electric guitars, bass guitars, saxophone, keyboards, drum programming and more…, acording to your style, making it sound warm and “real”, likeable for your audience.

We can work remotely, you can record the vocals anywhere and I will mix and master online the songs for you. I can also assist you in releasing the songs on streaming platforms, Youtube, Instagram, etc.

Contact me at sebacrispo(@) our just whatsapp me for questions anytime.

Stop Crying Your Heart Out (OASIS Cover), sung by Nagasaki

Supergilr, Reamonn Cover produced for Robert Wedler

A Bruce Springsteen Cover I Produced for Robert Wedler, I’m On Fire

Quarantine by Seba Crispo

A Carrie Underwood Cover I produced for Janaina

Solo / Seba Crispo – Manuel de Rosas